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Blues Guitar

Blues is a genre and musical form that originated in African-American communities in the "Deep South" of the United States around the end of the 19th century. The genre is a fusion of traditional African music and European folk music, spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads has now transformed into an interplay of voice and guitar.

The blues form, ubiquitous in jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll, is characterized by the call-and-response pattern, specific chord progressions, of which the twelve-bar blues is the most common. The highlight of this style is the musical call and response pattern which includes the rhythmic interaction between the Blues guitarist and the vocals presented in a musical rhythmic conversation. This requires the guitarist to play the chords aligned with the song and music to make it seem like an interaction and this process requires an expertise in the technique and sincere practice. The blue notes are also an important part of the sound.

Blues shuffles or walking bass reinforce the trance-like rhythm and form a repetitive effect called a groove. Blues music relies on the guitar more than any other instrument. As a guitarist you?re always going to be called upon to play something that sounds ?bluesey? and with the help of lessons learnt through a trainer you?ll be able to pick certain things up when you learn the guitar under the apprenticeship of a good guitar teacher. Having an actual person there to show you exactly how everything is done ? from the advanced technique right down to the basics ? will be beneficial and congenial.

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