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Disco Dance

Disco dancing is a dance style popularized during the 1970's. Disco dancing is usually associated with John Travolta's dance style in the movie "Saturday Night Fever." Disco dancing is characterized by hip and pelvic moves, along with raised arms, performed in time to the beat of the music. Popular disco dances include "touch dancing", "hustle" and "cha cha." Disco can be danced freestyle, with a partner, or in a line dance formation. It is a style of dance highly dependent on disco music. Disco music consists of strong, rising vocals over a steady beat and bass line. Disco dance is moving to music in your own way, while wearing disco-inspired clothing.

While anyone could learn to move to the clear rhythms with nothing more than a step-touch back and forth, many more complex moves were created and taught as more and more people wanted to show their moves on the floor. For beginners, to dance you've got to move your body in time to the beat of the music. The most basic newbie mistake you can make is to move out of sync with the beat. One way to deliberately practice is to try working on one aspect of dancing at a time, then putting the pieces together. This may not look good in the moment, but it'll let you concentrate on and isolate certain aspects of how you move.

While doing the Retro Hustle, be sure to let your arms swing naturally at first, with the occasional dip of the shoulder to emphasize the motion in accordance with the music. Remember that the point of disco is not to show off but to have fun, whether you have moves like John Travolta or are an enthusiastic newbie taking your first steps on the floor.

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