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Jive Dance

Jive is one of the five International Latin dances. A lively and uninhibited variation of Jitterbug, many of its basic patterns are similar to those of East Coast Swing. Jive is a very happy, energetic dance, with plenty of knee-lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips.

The fastest of the Latin dances, Jive includes lots of kicks and flicks, even twirling of the woman, and doesn't move around the dance floor like other dances. Although Jive dancers may appear to be moving their feet haphazardly in every direction, the feet are actually well-controlled under the body with the knees close together. This can be complex and requires some amount of professional guidance over a period of time.

Jive can be danced to swing music and jump blues in the tempo range of about 200 beats per minute. Depending on the style preferred, Jive can be danced to a variety of upbeat music including Boogie-woogie, Swing and Rock and Roll. The most important thing for beginners is to get familiar with the rhythm of the music. Listen to the drum line rather than the melody; the drum provides the beat. Jive dancing is a fun and carefree dance style that offers a special connection with your partner while getting exercise at the same time. With its bubbly personality and its history of extreme popularity, it is a worthwhile social dance style worth checking out.

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