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Krumping Dance

Krumping is a street dance popularized in the United States that is characterized by free, expressive and highly energetic movement.

There are four primary moves in krump: jabs, arm swings, chest pops, and stomps. Krumping is rarely choreographed; it is almost entirely freestyle (improvisational) and is danced most frequently in battles or sessions rather than on a stage. Krumping is very aggressive and is danced upright to upbeat and fast-paced music, whereas b-boying is more acrobatic and is danced on the floor to break beats. Krumping is less precise than turfing and more freestyle. Thematically, all these dance styles share common ground including their street origins, their freestyle nature, and the use of battling. It focuses on highly energetic battles and dramatic movements which is described as intense, fast-paced, and sharp.

A huge part of krump is having an unwavering sense of balance; regardless of the strange positions you put your body in. Without even knowing the moves, you can work on your balance. Just like in dubstep, isolations are the key in krump. This means being able to move one part of your body without moving any other. The most important skill you'll have in this domain will be in isolating your chest, but you should practice isolating every part of your body. Start with your neck and work your way downward.

Lastly, Krumping is a manifestation of your inner self. If you are aggressive, or stylish it should show in your dancing. It will become your character and determine your original style. Krump isn't something that should be done alone! The positive, unstoppable feeling it breeds gets magnified in a group.

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