Learn Contemporary Dance B Boying Dance Hip Hop Dance Salsa Dance Bollywood Dance Bharatnatiyam Dance from Trainer Himanshu in North West Delhi - 110088Shalimar Bagh (North West Delhi)

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Skills Taught: Contemporary Dance, B Boying Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Salsa Dance, Bollywood Dance, Bharatnatiyam Dance.

Marital Status : Single

Class: Open Age: 20

About Trainer

Students can expect a very impactful, and meaningful lesson while specifically reaching their own dance goals. We will cover anything from hip hop choreography, to streetsyles, freestyle training and even stamina training! facilitated practices, performances, community outreaches and much more. Dancing for me is more than a passion, it's a way of living. Being able to share that with others is what drives me every single day!

Awards & Achievements

I have been teaching for 8 years.

Other Information

Teaching Exp: 5-7 Years  
Training Methods Individual Group
Trains at Studio Student's Home
Male   Kindergarten
Female   Child
Couple   Teenager

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Teaches at

Studio Pincode: 110088Shalimar Bagh (North West Delhi)

North West Delhi-110088,
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