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Skills Taught: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar.

Marital Status : Single

Class: Open Age: 47

About Trainer

I have been playing guitar for 30 years. I make lesson plans based on each individual, so I don't teach every one the same boring songs or use the same regiment with everyone. I want to teach you what YOU want to learn. I have played in numerous bands and ensembles ranging from jazz to folk to rock. I've been writing music for the same length of time. If you want to learn how to write, record, mix, and master your own music, there's never been a better time to learn.

Awards & Achievements

I have been teaching for 20 years now. Played at a lot of events.

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Teaching Exp: 15-16 more  
Training Methods Individual Group
Trains at Studio Student's Home
Male   Kindergarten
Female   Child
Couple   Teenager

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Studio Pincode: 411016Model Colony

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