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Sketching is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work. A sketch may serve a number of purposes: it might record something that the artist sees, it might record or develop an idea for later use or it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principle.

Sketches can be made in any drawing medium. The term is most often applied to graphic work executed in a dry medium such as silverpoint, graphite, pencil, charcoal or pastel. But it may also apply to drawings executed in pen and ink, ballpoint pen, water colour and oil paint. The latter two are generally referred to as "water colour sketches" and "oil sketches". A sculptor might model three-dimensional sketches in clay, plasticine or wax.

Sketching engulfs within individuals of all age groups (children, adolescent, adults, old age) and offers them the freedom to explore alternative ideas. Early in a project it?s important to see a variety of different ideas so the learners can choose the best option. Sketching works well for this, as one can explore those varied ideas quickly. Sketching works in wonderful ways because when one is sketching, their mind is free to play and explore other directions that surface.  Lastly one can benefit from professional help in learning to sketch as sketches have an amazing ability to foster discussions about ideas. With colleagues and especially clients, it has been found sketches give everyone involved the permission to consider, talk about, and challenge the ideas they represent. After all, it?s just a sketch.

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